The boss of bosses, gentlemen! Los Tigres del Norte premiere bioseries

After his great career on stage with 54 years in the world of music, where they have captured great messages in each and every one of their songs in which they have told innumerable stories, now Los Tigres del Norte recount their own exploits in a documentary which premieres today on Amazon Prime Video.

This Friday they appeared for an interview at a radio station where they all gave the details of his new documentary that is about to be releasedwhere they talk about how important the realization of this project was for them and the mixed feelings, since they involve many nostalgic elements of their entire career, as well as its strongest pillar and main inspiration for the documentary, which is family.

“Stories to tell” Documentary of the Northern Tigers

The icons of regional Mexican music, they will relive their past, they will recount their most difficult and controversial moments and in turn how were its origins within this documentary to the Mexican public. Under the direction of Carlos Pérez Osorio, Stories to tell, includes live stories from its protagonists, as well as the participation of known friends like Julieta Venegas or Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

“Our hearts feel the sensitivity of being able to transmit what we are saying and being able to relive a stage of our lives through film, telling the stories as they are,” said Jorge Hernández, accordionist, vocalist and band leader.

However, in the interview they were questioned about what was the strongest reason that led them to be able to deliver this story after a great path carved out together in the Mexican regional, to which they replied that the press and the people who asked them when they would do a bioseries made them react and that the key moment to decide it was when the COVID pandemic occurred.

“Now in the pandemic we said: I think it is the right moment that Los Tigres del Norte have to make stories to tell, stories of a passage that we have lived through music, through our songs, through the public, So much public from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000, to the present, that we have had the pleasure of working for them and that is why we decided to tell a little about what the northern tigers have experienced through the race…” .

Without a doubt, it will be very captivating for all of Mexico and especially for the fans of the group, made up mainly of brothers of the Hernández family, learn more about their beginnings, the Rosa Morada ranch, Sinaloa, where they originatewhat his family was like and the struggle to be able to launch hisour first records in the late 1960s and early 70s.

It is also important to know that the interpreters of “Jefe de Jefes” and “Contrabando y treason”, awarded with seven Grammy and six Latin Grammythey invited several stars to be able to tell their musical journey in a better way and in more detail such as Julieta Venegas, Pérez-Reverte, Ry Cooder, Pepe Carlos and La Marisoul de La Santa Cecilia to participate in various interviews.

“The guests are our friends from many years ago,” said multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Eduardo Hernández. “They know the history of the Tigres del Norte… We are very happy that they have been able to participate and that they have taken that time and that kindness towards us.”

They will tell their story as a Mexican immigrant family

They are also very open when talking about their experience as a Mexican immigrant family in the United Statesdriven by the need to support their parents after a incident in which his father was seriously injured.

“We want to project that, we want you to know that despite the fact that this group came many years ago, that they came (to the United States) as a family, as brothers, to support those who stayed there, that it is a success story” Luis Hernandez said. “If you manage to work together, work together, many things can be achieved, not only in the work part, which for us is the artistic part, but also in the family part”.

An important point for the regional group it’s family and brotherhoodsince they ensured that It means more than the concept of the band and they consider that therein lies their success.

They commented that values ​​and family roots come from being a large family and that in the documentary it is something that was worked well and they knew how to project it, so they hope that the public feels identified with their story.

A key figure for this union has been his mother, who they will meet in the documentary through home videos fifteen years and other family parties. Los Tigres del Norte come from a family of 11 brothers, including 4 women and the late Freddy, who was also a member of the band.

“Our mamacita just turned 90,” said Hernán. “She still treats us like her children, she still calls us plebes, because it is the word that is used in Sinaloa to say to children… Thank God that we still have her with us.”

It was also detailed in the interview that another outstanding figure in his career was Art Walker (who appears in the documentary as Arthur and is referred to by Los Tigres as Arturo), owner of the record label Fama Records who gave them their first chance. Walker is thanked for launching his first albums and having changed their acoustic instruments for electric ones, which catapulted them to fame.

“We have a lot to thank Arturo for, because he was one of the main bases when we arrived in the United States, he was the one who helped us, he was the one who watched over us, he was the one who advised us, he was the one who taught us many things,” he said. George Hernandez. “That’s why we’ve mentioned him. He’s an important person in our lives… he was a teacher to us in every way.”

What was the origin of the name of the Northern Tigers?

Previously they were known as “The happy ones of Rosamorada” in its beginningsto later change the name and be known worldwide as the Tigers of the North.

“We got the name of the northern tigers from the border, when we first went to the United States they asked us what the group was called and we didn’t have a name, people called us Los Alegres de Rosamorada, but we didn’t have a name, but to to go to the other side we needed a name, so Jorge came up with something…”.

“We had been alone there since we were very young, so Jorge had the idea of ​​looking for a father and a mother, depending on the border, and he brought a couple so that we could cross to the other side and the emigrant was the one who told us that he We were going to call it Los Tigres del Norte, because according to him we were going to grow up and go north and that’s how that name stuck, when we arrived in San José, California, that’s how we entered, like Los Tigres del Norte, that emigrant baptized us with the name.”

Between the screen and the stages

  • World premiere of “Los Tigres del Norte: Tales to Tell”, on Amazon Prime Video, June 17.
  • Screening of “Los Tigres del Norte: Historias que Cuenta” at the closing ceremony of the Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG), on June 18, at the Plácido Domingo Hall of the Santander Performing Arts Ensemble.
  • Concert by Los Tigres del Norte, at the Telmex Auditorium, August 5 and 6, at 9:00 p.m.



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