The boots that Belinda wore in “Welcome to Eden” have a price that surprised her followers

It was a few days ago that it was releasedwelcome to eden” on the platform Netflixquickly positioning itself in the top 10 of the programs with the highest registered audience.

What made this Spanish series more special was the appearance of Belinda as one of its protagonists; It took many years for the singer to decide to resume her career as an actress.

The outfits worn by Belinda’s character, Africa, have caused a sensation among fans of the series (and the singer/actress), especially a pair of stiletto boots that caused great surprise when the price of these was revealed. .

The so quirky design of the shoe drew a lot of attention, as did the way Belinda handles those heels, even on unstable ground.

Belinda’s boots in “Welcome to Eden” that made us fall in love

In one of the episodes of “Welcome to Eden”, the series with which Belinda returned to the forums as an actress, viewers noticed a unique appearance when the interpreter appeared on screen, because she is seen wearing a pair of boots whose delicate Beli heel mastered perfectly.

And it is that although it is not a novelty that the call “latin pop princess“She knows how to wear any type of shoes like an expert, this scene reiterated that for her there are no impossibleas he could be seen running in the sand without losing his balance for a moment, which gave rise to Internet users commenting on the fact and joking about it, when comparing it with scenes from other movies.

This shoe is about a pair of triangle toe long boots and gradient design in shades of lilac, purple, pink and blue, with details of embedded crystals and rhinestones along the thigh-pinned silhouette that reached an inch below Beli’s knee. They also have a skull detail on the metallic heel, which measures approximately 120 mm.

How much are the boots with which Belinda ran through the sand?

Due to the ease with which Africa, the character Belinda brings to life, walks and runs through the sand wearing these stunning heels, viewers couldn’t help but pay attention to the look of the interpreter who is currently living in Spain.

After this scene, some of his most striking shoesbelonging to his personal collection, which on more than one occasion have stolen the limelight due to the peculiar designs and shapes of each piece signed by exclusive world-renowned designers.

That was how these boots came to light, designed by Philipp Pleina German creative who, since his debut in 2004, has been the talk of the town due to the extravagant designs contained in his collections, which have made him the favorite of celebrities such as Megan fox.

For this reason, it is not surprising that Belinda is also a faithful follower of the designer, since if something is clear about her, it is the style that she possesses and that since she was a child, she was positioned as an icon and fashion reference for her millions of fans.

Among Belinda’s collection, there are several pieces by Philipp Plein, such as the pair of boots encrusted with crystals and asymmetrical heels that she wore in one of her appearances as coach in “The voice Kids“, whose price is around 57 thousand pesos.

On the other hand, the colored boots that Beli wore in “Welcome to Eden”, with a multicolor gradient design, have a estimated price of 252 thousand pesosHowever, it seems that this shoe has some details customized for the actress, which could increase the cost being personalized with extra crystals.

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