The blue dollar soared and hit a new four-month high

This Thursday, November 24, the blue dollar took a big leap again and reached a new maximum in four months by trading at $318, adding $6 since the close of this Wednesday, where it had also risen. Thus, in just three days, it accumulates a rise of $12, the same variation that it registered last week.

In the last five business days, the blue dollar maintains an upward trend, with a rise of 3.52%, since at that time it was offered at $307 for sale.

In this way, the exchange gap with the official distance is 84.62%, since the latter is around $163.71 and $172.25, according to what was reported by Banco NaciĆ³n.

For its part, the tourist dollar trades at $344.50, considering the value of the retailer plus COUNTRY Tax, and a perception of 45% deductible from Income and Personal Property Tax. While the savings dollar or solidarity dollar – which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax and the 35% deductible of the Income Tax and Personal Assets – rose 65 cents to $284.20.

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