The best guides for traveling in Italy

L’Italy offers endless travel ideasperfect solutions both for organizing a weekend out of town or to plan a longer holiday to discover the local landscape and culture. Regardless of the destination, for travel to Italy without risking to lose the most evocative corners and the most unusual scenarios, it is essential to have one guide ad hoc that can represent an excellent source of inspiration.

To find comprehensive and effective guides to explore the beautiful country it is essential to take into consideration your travel goal, considering the total number of stages, the itinerary to follow and of course the budget available. Where to buy the best tour guides? Here are some interesting and easily available proposals.

Italy on the road

Paula Hardy Duncan Garwood is the author of a guide dedicated to the exploration ofItaly on the road, a collection of 40 itineraries across the country: from two-day escapes to more complex adventures, we have described them with the advice of experts and with many travel ideas. Accompanied by a file folding map and removable with useful information and points of interest, the guide is perfect both for those who want to visit gourmet cities or cosmopolitan centers, and for those who want to admire beautiful coasts or wild national parks. The volume describes classic and unmissable itineraries but also unusual tours to less known places.

Italy in 52 weekends

The guide is dedicated to unusual itineraries between nature, art and traditions Italy in 52 weekends offers an unprecedented point of view to discover 52 travel ideas to take to the lesser known places of each Italian region every week of the year.

From the Walser villages of Monte Rosa to the pristine lagoons of the Adriatic coast, from the Apennine hermitages to the Sicily of cinema: the guide is perfect for the traveler looking for a list of proposals for each season.

101 unusual places in Italy

Giuseppe Ortolano has created a guide focused on 101 unusual places in Italy to go to at least once in a lifetimereserved locations and often far from the mass tourism that deserve to be visited and explored. Some examples are Monterano, the ghost town a few kilometers from Rome, but also Savoca and its mummies in the Messina area, Buggerru in Sardinia, the Valle d’Aosta castle of Verrès and the island of San Giulio in Lake Orta.

The most beautiful villages in Italy

Claudio Bacilieri with its illustrated guide The most beautiful villages in Italy. The charm of hidden Italy, on the other hand, it allows you to get to know 308 small historic centers of less than 15,000 inhabitants up close. The volume contains all the information necessary to organize a trip to one of the villages of the Italian province, selected by the Scientific Committee of the Association “The most beautiful villages in Italy”. The 2021 edition is enriched with many new entries evaluated on the basis of architectural, cultural and landscape quality.

The via francigene and romee

If the goal of the trip is to explore the ancient paths on footthe guide The via francigene and romee. Walks, travel on foot in Italy and Europe it is certainly the most useful reading. The Via Francigena, in particular, is the path taken around the year 1000 by the Archbishop of Canterbury to go to the Pope and crosses numerous maritime and mountainous landscapes, plains and hills, allowing you to grasp testimonies of every era up to reach the heart of the Eternal City.

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