The best French lumberjacks compete this Sunday

It will send wood this Sunday to Vigneux-de-Bretagne (Loire-Atlantique), north of Nantes. Axes, saws, chainsaws and big muscles will indeed be in the spotlight during the French championship semi-final sport logging. Popularized by its television broadcasts, the event, organized by the forestry equipment brand Sthil, will bring together around twenty competitors.

They will have to decide between six events combining speed, strength and precision for cutting large wooden elements, sometimes against the clock. This is the first time that the French championship has stopped in Pays-de-la-Loire.

In the presence of Pierre Puybaret

The final will take place in July in Schirrhein (Bas-Rhin) in Alsace. The best french athlete of this little-known sport is a Corrézien, Pierre Puybaret, already crowned champion of France six times.

From 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., at Croix-François in Vigneux-de-Bretagne. Entertainment is offered in the morning. Free admission.

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