The best band collaborations in music history


It’s not just the artists of the moment who find themselves in musical themes! Check out the full roster featuring Queen, David Bowie and more.

In 1982 Queen collaborated with David Bowie.©GettyIn 1982 Queen collaborated with David Bowie.

The The music industry today is marked by calls collaborations: two artists come together on the same song to boost its reproductions on digital platforms. But historically, bands have also had crossovers that seemed unthinkable and then knew how to turn into shots. Listen to her Spoiler Playlist on Spotify to find out what it is, then review the story of four of them.

+ 4 unforgettable group collaborations

4. Van Gogh’s ear with Abel Pintos

In 1996, one of the most listened to Spanish bands in history was born in San Sebastián: Van Gogh’s ear. A year later, in Argentina, a young singer named Abel Pintos began his musical career. The two trajectories developed simultaneously until in 2013 they came together to interpret Dreaming of impossible things. Since then, they have accumulated more than 250 million views on YouTube. A memorable collaboration!

3. Daft Punk with Julian Casablancas

the french duo daft-punk had a clear bet presenting the fourth single from his album Random access memories. It was a collaboration with julian casablancas, artist known for being the singer of the rock group The Strokes. Indeed, the duo is recognized as a fan of the music of this musical group, so they did not hesitate to summon him to sing Thunderboltsong which quickly led the chart.

2. 13th Street with Silvio Rodriguez

At 75, Silvio Rodriguez can say that he is the most impressive Cuban singer-songwriter of recent times. While collecting dozens of hits in his repertoire, the musician imagined that it would be a good idea to collaborate with 13th street. And he did not disappoint: the group led by René Perez -Residente- invited him to be the singer of the song Sun-colored eyes corresponding to the album multiviral. Its music video has already been seen by more than 230 million people.

1.Queen with David Bowie

Most likely Under pressure to be one of the most memorable songs of What in. But it wasn’t just Freddie Mercury’s band that sang that iconic theme song, but also david bowie participated in the album version warm spacereleased in 1982. Originally, the singer agreed to only do backing vocals for the song cute cat but, after feeling disappointed with the result, he chose to write a new song that broke all records.

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