The balance of the first 48 hours of Sergio Massa, point by point

Ministry of Economy

The official detailed this Saturday all the measures adopted and the steps he has taken since he was sworn in at the head of the Palacio de Hacienda.

This Saturday, Serge Massa published in Twitter a thread with several tweets, in which he makes a detailed report of what was done in front of the Ministry of Economy of the Nation in its first 48 hours of management.

“48 hours ago we began our task with responsibility and commitment at the head of the Ministry of Economy. I want to give you a report on these first 48 hours with the idea that, beyond any speculation by third parties, you know what we are doing and how we are progressing”, indicates the minister to lead the thread.

and then list what has been done in these two days:

  • “We have made an appointment for Tuesday to all those responsible for the administration of ministries to give them the programming until the end of the year, so that they know the investment priorities and the spending ceilings.”
  • “We have already communicated both decisions. There will be no more issuance for financing until the end of the year and on Monday we will start refunds to the Central Bank”.
  • “We began in coordination with all sectors of the public administration the setting of limits on the entry of personnel, and as of September 1, each affidavit must be published with public access on the Indec page.”
  • “Each area was notified of the operation of the regime. Consumption caps are added to segmentation to promote resource savings and a more progressive system of subsidies. Whoever consumes less or has less income has less pay, whoever consumes more or has more income, pays more”.
  • “The segmentation and subsidy ceiling will have a federal criterion with climate understanding. The entry into force will be by sector and area, and will be reported on Thursday by the Secretary of Energy.
  • “In the case of water, it has been in effect since September 1. If we save water and energy, and order the subsidy distribution system, protecting the social rate, the State will save 500 billion pesos a year”.
  • “We finished the decree and elevated it to the Presidency, of the first of the regimes, linked to the hydrocarbon sector. The increase in our exports in this sector is key in a world that is experiencing a fierce energy crisis”.

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