The anesthesiologists responded to the minister Ana María Nadal and the tension grows

After this Friday the Minister of Health of Mendoza, Anna Maria Nadalwill announce the bill to declare the emergency in the sector of the Anesthesiology Due to the lack of agreement on several points with the Government, the response of the professionals was not long in coming. They repudiated and denied the official’s statements.

Through a statement from WADA (Association of Anesthesiologists from Mendoza), stated: “We deny the misrepresentation made by the minister when she insinuated that WADA monopolizes jobs, preventing access to other professionals”:

Nadal, yesterday, he argued that “to get to this step – the declaration of emergency– We have had multiple meetings with the representatives to seek agreements and improve the situation or accompany them with the tools. Given the negativity of the proposals made, we are forced to make this decision because we are on the side of the people of Mendoza and this threatens the quality of health. This corporate and sectoral management situation puts health at risk”:

The state of emergency responds to the massive resignations of anesthesiologists that were carried out in several public hospitals and the refusal to increase the training of human resources. In addition, there is a strong fight for hiring: the anesthesiologists they demand exceptional conditions that, according to the Government, go beyond the margins of sustainability of the system and would generate privileges with respect to the rest of the doctors.

“We repudiate the unfortunate statements of the minister, who tries to summon professionals from other medical specialties to cover from inexperience the practices anesthesiology from the province. We hold the Ministry of Health and the Government responsible for any serious complications that may occur,” it is highlighted elsewhere in the AMA response.

“Faced with this corporate attitude, scheduled surgeries have been reduced by 40% compared to normal periods,” he explained this Friday. Anna Maria Nadal announcing the project emergency which will now go to the Legislature, where the ruling party has a majority to convert it into law.


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