The 7 best things to do in Villa General Belgrano

To the west of the province of Córdoba, in Argentina, and within the department of Calamuchita, we find Villa General Belgrano, a city that is especially popular among tourists from all over the world thanks to its special aesthetics, popular festivals and charming landscape, as if it had recently escaped. from a fairy tale. And it is that, although it is millions of kilometers from Europe, this little paradise is a true reflection of German, Austrian and Swiss culture.

Thanks to its large influx of tourists, arriving from all over the world, it has excellent hotel infrastructures, although its cabins for rent in Villa General Belgrano, authentic dream houses in which to be surrounded by all the comforts and, at the same time, enjoying the fantastic nature. But do you know what things to do in Villa General Belgrano?

Villa General Belgrano, a Central European paradise in the heart of Argentina

This city was built in honor of General Manuel José Joaquín del Corazón de Jesús Belgrano, among whose achievements we find that he was the creator of the Argentine flag. However, its greatest charm is found walking through its streets that offer a typical Central European architecturesince it is the largest German colony in all of Argentina.

But not only the architecture is the mirror of these countries, also their festivals, gastronomy and culture retain a strong German accent. Not surprisingly, his Oktoberfest party It is the third largest in the world.

The 7 best things to do in Villa General Belgrano

1. Oktoberfest Museum

A good party, and much more with the prestige it has achieved throughout the world, also needs a good museum. Whether you are a lover of knowing its history or knowing special moments and unique characters, it is the perfect place. In addition, you can find a collection of more than 2,500 pieces related to the world of beer.

2. Hill of the Virgin

For nature lovers it is an essential walk. It has a medium difficulty, so we will need to be prepared, since the slopes are steep. It will take about 50 minutes, but the views from the top are spectacular.

3. Walk of the Streams

It is another of the great attractions of the city. It is a path dotted with trees and unspoiled nature and which, moreover, is crossed by three streams: el Sauce, la Toma and los Molles.

4. The Lookout Tower

It is located in the center of the city and has a height of 23 meters. From there you can enjoy wonderful views, in addition to containing works of art by the artist Héctor Dexamar.

5. Jose Hernandez Square

It was the old venue for the beer festival, not in vain it retains all the aesthetics of Oktoberfest with its wooden portals, signs and unique barrels.

6. Little Chapel Historical Museum

For history lovers and those who want to know the origins of the town, we find a wide collection of objects, photographs and all kinds of details that keep an exceptional heritage.

7. The Forest The Pioneers

After the Oktoberfest party changed places, today it is celebrated in this fantastic venue surrounded by nature, where you can enjoy the native vegetation and fauna. Ideal for long walks and enjoying a unique and magical environment.

If you are preparing a new destination for your future vacations, do not hesitate and come to Villa General Belgrano, a unique place where you can find excellent activities and a unique gastronomy, essential to try its delicious chocolates, as well as the fantastic craft beer. Are you going to miss it?

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