The 2022 Draft will be held today

The nba draft is one of the most important basketball events worldwide, here, the best young players they declare themselves eligible to enter the best league in the world. Today will be held 2022 Draft at the Barclays Center, located in Brooklyn, New York.

In the Draftthe teams with worst record in the season, they have the opportunity to get one of the best young people in the world to change the trajectory of the team. The 14 teams that failed to qualify for the playoffs make a draw where the positions in which they will choose the players are defined.

This year the top 5 It is made up of the Orlando Magic, followed by the Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets, Sacramento Kings and Detroit Pistons. These teams have a chance to take the top 5 planet prospectsso they have a higher chance of those players becoming starsalthough we have seen cases in the history of players chosen in the second round who become icons of the sport, as is the case with Emmanuel Ginobili and Isaiah Thomas.

Throughout history, many teams have been able to build a championship quintet through the draft picks or they manage to choose a player who changes the course of the franchise. A clear example are the Golden State Warriors (current NBA champions) who formed the pillar of their squad through young athletes chosen in the Draft. Stephen CurryMVP of the finals of 2022, was chosen in the position number 7 of 2009, Klay Thompson reached the league in 2011 through of the eleventh pick Y Draymond Green was elected in second round in 2012.

The Orlando Magic are the team with the first pick in the Draft. Photo: Twitter @OrlandoMagic

Another example of how a team can change thanks to the draft is the case of the Cleveland Cavalierswho selected Lebron James with the first pick of 2003 and from the first match caused a league impact. The player won the award for “Rookie of the Year” and led the Ohio team to the endings of the NBAin addition to getting the first title in the history of the franchise.

In the 2022the players who attract the most attention are paolo banchero (Duke), Chet Holmgren (Gonzaga) and Jabari Smith (Aubburn). Any of these players are expected to make an immediate impact in the league and could become All Stars in the coming years.

Holmgren (Power forward/Pivot) was world champion FIBA under 19 of 2021 with the United States teamIn addition to being chosen as the Tournament MVP. Although Chet is one of the most interesting, most experts put banker in the first election due to being a full playerwhich can contribute on both sides of the court.

The only issue who has been seen Paul is his excessive sweating, which has had to be treated in his university stage. The duke university gave him mandatory breaks during the match so that you could hydratesince Banchero dehydrates faster than any normal athlete.

The Draft 2022 will take place from the stadium of the Brooklyn Nets, the Barclay’s Center and the different fans around the world hope that their team will get a player that will change the future of their franchise.

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