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Full of pain, anger and indignation at the death of his son, Luis Mora asked that the crime “Be a hinge in Mar del Plata and let things change” from the wake house in which the victim’s family fired this Monday the remains of the young man murdered yesterday at dawn.

In dialogue with LA CAPITAL, the father of Martin Mora Negretti assured, strongly moved, that his son “He had a lot of projects, he was working in Buenos Aires, as a boyfriend and planning to get married.”

“He came to enjoy an afternoon and they send him to me dead, with what right? Why don’t we end with the guarantee judges in Mar del Plata, in the country?he expressed in front of the wake room, accompanied by his family.

“They tell me that the minors declared that they did not kill him. What a coincidence, because there was no one else there. Tomorrow I bury my son. I am a poor retiree who earns the minimum, but if I had money, justice would surely be done, but I am a poor wretch who has to watch over my son. Justice should be for the poor and the rich alike. But here for those who have money there is justice, “said the father of the murdered young man.

“My son was left lying around. My son had a lot of projects and they killed him in front of his girlfriend. There are many poor families here who have lost their children, parents or grandparents because they were killed like a dog,” Mora added and asked: “That what happened to my son is a hinge in Mar del Plata and things change.”

Around 1 p.m., the mayor William Montenegro He went to the wake room to accompany the family. Earlier she referred to the crime, regretted what had happened and asked Evaluate what is the responsibility of the elderly in these cases.

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