Terrorist attack leaves 86 dead and 15,800 displaced in Burkina Faso

A terrorist attack on June 11-12 leaves at least 86 people dead and some 15,800 displaced in Burkina Faso. The National Council for Emergencies and Rehabilitation (Conasur) specified that among those who had to flee, 62% are children and of these, 37% are under five years old.

The government body of the African country stated that 76% of the displaced come from the Seytenga locality. The place is located about 40 kilometers from the regional capital Dori and almost 10 kilometers from the border with Niger. The events occurred in the province of Sahel.

It is noted that the displaced come from 23 villages in the Sahel region. The spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Matthew Saltmarsh, said that “more are expected to arrive in the coming days”. Some 360 ​​people headed to the Tillabéri region in Niger.

Saltmarsh added that the refugee crisis “in Burkina Faso “It is one of the fastest growing in the world”. The expert pointed out that the number of internally displaced persons “reached 1.9 million at the end of April.” The crisis is caused by violence, poverty and the effects of climate change.

Reuters reports that in the Sahel region, a territory that reaches Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali and Niger, more than 2.5 million people had to flee in the last decade. LThe area has suffered jihadist attacks since April 2015at the hands of groups linked to Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

Women and children fetch water as they flee risk in Burkina Faso

Women and children fetch water as they flee risk in Burkina Faso

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