Teqüé defeated Los Tordos and is the new leader of the Top 8


Photo: Nicolás Cabrero/Los Tordos Press

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The other two results of the day were Liceo’s victory over Mendoza RC by 42 to 19 and Marabunta’s victory in the classic against Neuquén RC 28 to 13.

In General Ortega, Teqüé beat Los Tordos with tries from Nahuel Dibiassi and Facundo Cardozo, a goal and 4 penalties from Enzo Falaschi. For Los Tordos there were tries from Francisco Martos and Manuel García, a goal and two penalties from Pedro Lértora.

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Teqüé 29, Los Tordos 28, Marista 26, Marabunta 18, Liceo 14, Universidad (SJ) 11, Neuquén RC and Mendoza RC 8.

Next date (5/28): Mendoza RC-Los Tordos, Marista-Teqüé, Marabunta-Liceo and Neuquén RC-Universidad (SJ).

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