Tensions between the United States and China fuel times of war

Fears of a war escalation at the international level are increasing in different sectors in the face of growing tensions between the United States and China, derived from the visit of Representative Nancy Pelosi to the rebellious island of Taiwan.

Added to this is the evolution of a war of attrition between Russia and Ukraine, of which Moscow has strongly warned that it will not give in until it overthrows the kyiv government, which it has described as neo-Nazi.

Although these conflicts have been increasing and are considered relatively young, they are joined by the wars between Israel and Palestine, as well as the civil conflict in Syria and Yemen, among others.

The dissuasive rhetoric that involves the use of nuclear weapons has once again opened a debate and condemnation before the United Nations.

In statements made in Hiroshima on the anniversary of the atomic bombing of that Japanese city, Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the UN, warned that humanity “plays with a loaded weapon” due to nuclear proliferation and open sources of conflict.

Guterres joined the voices of warning in his speech by pointing out that “the only thing that separates us from the apocalypse is an error, a misunderstanding or a miscalculation.”

He underscored the risk of a repetition of the horrors of Hiroshima due to the more than 13,000 atomic weapons currently in existence in the world and the crises with “nuclear components” such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the situation on the Korean peninsula or the Middle East.


The breakdown of communications between China and the United States raised the downward spiral of tensions between the two powers.

The military maneuvers near Taiwan by Beijing are characterized by being unusually energetic, which is why Taipei mobilized its armed forces in the face of a “possible simulated attack” by the Chinese Army.

Taipei issued alerts and deployed air and naval patrols, also activating its land-based missile systems, as it did yesterday in the face of the “strong provocation” of the crossing of the middle line of the Strait by “several” ships and planes. Chinese.


With more than four wars waged and other minor conflicts between Israel and Hamas, the Israeli government carried out a missile attack on the Gaza Strip yesterday.

The attack claimed the lives of 10 people, including a minor and a Hamas militiaman.

Israel’s prime minister has maintained that his country does not seek war; however, he will not give in to pressure and provocation.

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