Telephone calls from “Citibanamex”, the new modus operandi to carry out fraud

During these days, several users have reported the new modus operandi that the scammers they perform to defraud them, this through a supposed call from “Citibanamex”.

According to stories on social networks, alleged workers of this bank make calls on behalf of the company to make users believe that their bank accounts were compromised.

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So they ask customers for personal information and access to their account. Then they add money to their bank accounts and ask customers to make a transfer so that the money goes to another account so that their balance is not “impaired”; however, after the fraud, the clients maintain a debt with the bank for an “alleged loan” that they requested.

User denounces in Twitter thread

A young woman who calls herself Mosquitín on this social network denounced this type of fraud of which she was a victim.

“Yesterday at 4:31 pm I got a call from the number @Citibanamex, the one that comes on the back of the cards. I was told that someone had tried to access my online banking from an unknown device and not to worry,” she said.

Upon entering his bank, he immediately received a notification, where they had made a charge of 110 thousand pesos on a credit card. Later, the money was transferred to his checking account.

“(The woman) gave me her full name and a page. She agreed to call me today at 9:00 am and insisted that she, for security reasons, not talk to anyone, not log into my account anymore and wait for her to contact me. As soon as I hung up I called @ContactCitibmx and they told me that they had not called, “he said.

The user asked them to cancel everything that had to do with cards, bank account, but the process took hours. In addition, the alleged employee spoke to the user again, but she immediately hung up the call.

Later, he went to a Citibanamex branch and was told that, in effect, they requested the money in his name and that if he already had it, “he could use it.”

«In the Narvarte branch of @Citibanamex They took a long time to serve me. They explained to me that someone got into my account, borrowed the $110,000 a month without interest (fucking thief, good vibes, he was going to give me a chance to pay) and all that remained was to transfer them to his account. I suppose that hence the urgency for me to answer them today. Now @Citibanamex He tells me that I have to do a lot of paperwork to return the money and they almost told me that if I already have it, then use it, total, the interest is only 11% plus VAT.

“For now, the executive of @Citibanamex He already told me “don’t worry”, I’m only going to pay about $1200 in interest this month. That these practices are very normal and it’s good that it didn’t happen to adults. I DO WORRY because they called me from their corporate number and that’s why I fell », she stressed.

Similar cases

After the complaint, several users reported that they went through the same fraud. Some managed to react and cancel the calls from the alleged corporate, while others were victims and the bank has not yet resolved them.

“Almost the same thing happened to my brother and it was about 8 months ago. They call you from the REAL number of citibanamex and try to steal. Why haven’t they fixed that? Are the same employees stealing? The colluded bank? »; «I went through the same thing 2 months ago. Call to @Citibanamex to ask for help and they took TWO HOURS to help me block the account. TWO HOURS. Because of him, they left me $12 in my account. And now no one in @Citibanamex he wants to take responsibility … », were some complaints.

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Citibanamex replied

Given the cases that have occurred due to complaints, the bank calls on the population to distrust the calls and hang up when this type of situation occurs.

“We ask you to distrust these types of calls. Remember that Citibanamex will never ask you for confidential information such as your secret number, password, personal information or your accounts, whether in a call, SMS or by email, “they mentioned.


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