Tantrums? Psychologist will address children’s sensory dysregulations

Some studies put at 15% the number of girls and boys who have some “sensory difficulty”that is, they cannot process various stimuli in the way that society considers “normal”.

Here they fit from inconveniences with some types of food, noises, sudden tears and different behaviors in a classroom, for example.

In this condition, in which the nervous system receives messages but has difficulty processing themParents, caregivers and educators may need tools to support children’s learning and development.

Knowing strategies to help them can be key to improving their relationship with the environment and accompanying them in their progressive self-regulation.

This is the course thesis “‘Tantrums’ and Sensory Dysregulations in Childhood” which -online- will be given by the child and adolescent psychologist Varinia Signorelli.

The professional behind Supermadreblog community He has specialized in work on the temperament of boys and girls, and sensory integration.

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