Tamara Báez showed what she was like before the surgeries and her fans reacted: "Ages…"

In the midst of his legal fight with L-Ghent, which is based on reaching an agreement that is considered fair for the maintenance of Jamaica, Tamara Baez It became a trend for another reason. Once again, the young woman fell into the clutches of cruel analyzes for her modifications through cosmetic surgeries.

the ex of Elian Valenzuela She experiences a greening in terms of her self-image, now much more loose on social networks to display her daily life and enjoy her appearance, which it seems that she has achieved in terms of her desires.

Despite this positive attitude, and without bothering anyone, unsubstantiated recriminations are always raining down on him about his fondness for surgical interventions. On more than one occasion, Tamara acknowledged that she had retouched her lips, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

All this is enrolled in that famous photo of his identity document from when he was a teenager, which went viral and became material to verify his dissimilar look, with another color of hair and angle of his face, such as the shape of his nose. .

In the last few hours, several images of Tamara in another period of her life have emerged from the digital platforms, especially one that shows her with very marked bangs and a piercing above her lips. This record caused an Internet user to externalize an opinion, which no one requested, in which he prayed: “you were another”.

As for those leering glances, Báez expressed himself, a while ago, on his Instagram and released: “I’m the same person. God! I dressed in sportswear because I’m still from the neighborhood. I had bangs, I felt turrita. And? What’s the problem? I don’t understand what bothers them or why they get happy when they tell me ugly things”.

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