"Take it out or I don’t do the show": Pailita lives a tense moment after almost being attacked just before a show

Pailita reacted annoyed after a fan wanted to steal his white cap. Show security had to intervene.

A tense moment lived the Chilean singer Pailite in the run-up to a show he performed last weekend in Coquimbo. This is because, just as he was on his way to the stage, a fan almost assaulted him and stole his white cap.

This caused a quick reaction from the musician, who was quite upset he even tried to hit the person behind the security bars.

For this reason, the young man’s security personnel and his manager had to intervene. One of them, quite incensed, indicated that they would not start the concert if the accessory was not returned.

“Get it out, get it out, get it out, or I don’t do the show,” the subject is heard saying, while the rest of the audience waited for the artist to go on stage.

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Pailita spoke of the incident

Later, calmer, the musician himself referred to the incident while he was giving the concert in front of thousands of people.

“Hey the (…) who tried to steal my jockey, don’t be ‘fucked up’ (sic) I have no problem giving him the jockey but things are asked for in a good way, not pulling or stealing them, it looks ugly ”, exposed.

He was immediately applauded by the rest of the people who were witnessing his performance in that city.

The record was posted on TikTok over the weekend and quickly went viral.

Pailita is currently in Iquique, where she will give another show in the middle of her tour of the north of the country.

It is worth noting that last week the remix of Ultra Solo, theme composed by the young and Polima Westcoast, which has a collaboration of Paloma Mami.

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