Take care of the cold! Salteños alerted to the increase in respiratory diseases

I arrive winter and from Meteorology they already anticipated that this year will be colder than usual, so it will be necessary to take precautions to avoid contracting any respiratory disease. In Salta, the guards are collapsed due to this type of pathology, babies and children up to 3 years old are the most affected by the respiratory syncytial virus

Get informedSalta spoke with Dr. Marcelo Nallar, manager of the Oñativia hospital, who provided recommendations to spend a winter as healthy as possible. He asked the citizenry andtake extreme care, complete vaccination schedules and withdraw before the appearance of symptoms.

One of the recommendations is to wear two to three layers of garments to maintain body heat and avoid feeling cold, ensures adequate perspiration mechanisms, regulating body temperature.

“We live in an area with a wide temperature range, there are days when it is 0°C in the morning and 20°C in the afternoon. Perspiration is also bad, avoid sudden changes in body temperature because that also makes you sick,” Nallar said.


The manager of the Oñativia hospital pointed out that the hospitals had already been working at 90% of their capacity and any increase in a pathology causes the collapse of the hospitals. “It is time to review the health system that we have had for a long time, we fell short in responding to these needs. The ideal is that people who have the advantage of having a social work, which are 50% of the population, try to go to your social work,” he said.

In recent weeks and with the arrival of the cold, in Salta pediatric guards collapsed due to respiratory infections. Experts say that the viruses that were on hiatus during the pandemic are back. “At this time of year the respiratory syncytial virus circulates treatment, influenza, Covid, are the usual this year. The risk group is recommended to receive the pneumococcal vaccines that are available in hospitals to avoid pneumonia,” said Nallar.


The doctor recommended updating the vaccinations, that sick people with some symptom do not circulate, “We learned this with COVID and it is applicable to all types of respiratory diseases.”

Regarding the Covid cases in Salta, which remains slight for the moment, Nallar maintained that “today I think it belongs to the past, but we have to be dynamic, at this time our problem is not Covid.”

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