Susana Sumer’s ashes were scattered in Lake Argentino

Santa Cruz

The renowned presenter from Santa Cruz had died on April 20.

Susana Summ

On April 20, the cultural broadcaster Susana Sumer, recognized throughout the province of Santa Cruz, passed away. This week, relatives of the communicator deposited her ashes in the waters of Lake Argentino, as she had wished.

Back in 2016, when Radio Provincia celebrated its 55th anniversary on the air, Susana was interviewed as part of a tribute to a great woman. At that time she reviewed part of her history in broadcasting. “I remember that I waited quite a long time sitting down to be attended to, but I was willing to wait as long as necessary and to be listened to. After a while, the then undersecretary who was Osvaldo Lorenzo, the voice of Argentina Secreta, came out. I told him that he needed to work and he asked me what he knew how to do. I told him that she was a national broadcaster and I showed him the card and he replied that they were going to have an official broadcaster with a card. ”

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