"super parity": This guild closed an increase that exceeds 110%

In the reopening of parity for salaries, and after knowing the price index of 5.1% in May, the negotiations bring the unions closer to 70% of salary replacement, with several unions already exceeding 60%. However, there is an item that kicked the board and got a super parity with a cap of 110.79%.

Its about Union of the Cinematographic, Animation, Advertising and Audiovisual Media Industry (SICA APMA), who in the last rounds of negotiations achieved, for the activity of the feature film, increases that start from 73.49% until reaching the incredible top of 110%.

It is worth remembering that the film industry was one of the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic: The isolation meant the cancellation of all the shootings and the movie theaters were closed for several months with millionaire losses and the destruction of jobs. In fact, in April 2020 there was already talk of 2000 posts lost.

It was difficult to reach this agreement, since at the end of May we rejected the salary offer made by the representatives of the Argentine Chamber of the Film Industry, which we qualified as insufficient, for which we ordered a state of alert and mobilization“, highlighted Guido Valergageneral secretary of the union.

In some categories, parity exceeds 110%.

Faced with the attitude of the union, the Ministry of Labor ended up ordering the mandatory conciliation, inviting again to the negotiating table. Finally, the Union first managed to reach an agreement with the Advertising branch –with a 62% improvement– and more recently it completed the parity for the Feature Films sector.

The agreement established that the salary increase will be paid in five installments, with a revision clause in February 2023. The payments include a retroactive 20% in April and the following payment tranches:

  • June, 15%
  • August 15%
  • December 11%
  • February, 9%

Increase according to categories

This diagram is for the lowest category, which is “negative cutter”, while “second production assistant and makeup and hair assistant” will have an improvement of 92.57%. The “video assist” staff will have an increase of 110.79%, ranking first. Improvement percentages are applied as appropriate to each of the 9 industry categories.

The basics of the activity will be:

  • April: weekly $32,757; monthly $131,028
  • June: weekly $36,852; monthly $147,408
  • August: weekly $40,946; monthly $163,784
  • December: weekly $43,949; monthly $175,796
  • February: weekly $46,406; monthly $185,624

In addition, we must add a 25% increase for “production services”.

They expect more benefits for the activity

Other advances in recognition of labor rights will be added to the parity.

As reported from the union, the agreed increase will have to be added to other advances in recognition of labor rights. It is estimated that in the next few days the union assignment for pregnant people of the Union of the Cinematographic, Animation, Advertising and Audiovisual Industry Industry will be announced.

The union highlighted the recovery of the different activities “not only after the pandemic, but of a process of falling wages in the industrywhich led us to rethink our demands to have a decent income“, while exhorting the authorities and the business sector “to make every effort to fight inflation that affects all workers“.

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