Sucre: two colonels are called to qualify services for the death of young people – Investigation – Justice

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Colonel Carlos Andrés Correa, called to qualify services.

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The three men appeared dead, on July 25, in Chochó, a district of Sincelejo, after being captured by the Police, apparently accused of having participated in the murder of patrolman Diego Ruiz Rincón, 25, in Sampués. , in the middle of the ‘pistol plan’ advanced by the ‘Gulf clan’.

After the murder of the uniformed officer, several actions were ordered, including the lockdown plan, at various points in the region with the aim of capturing those responsible.

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The young people, according to the officer’s account, were taken to a medical center where they died from their injuries.

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Relatives of the men have described the fact as a ‘false positive’ and have repeated and declared that they were in Chocho performing stunts and stunts on a motorcycle – lifting it on a single tire – when the uniformed men arrived, captured them and made them sit on road.

That was the story of Sindy Paola Sierra, sister of one of the victims and a witness to the events, who stated that she saw that the policemen mistreated the men and put them on a patrol car, and that they later found them dead, with gunshot wounds. bullet in the head and chest.

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Along these lines, Rodolfo Contreras, José Carlos Arévalo’s uncle, insisted that the young people were not part of any group outside the law, and affirmed that they were good people.

“The camera evidence, the statements of the comrades who were with them wherever they were reveal that at no time did they participate in that event of the dead patrolman in the municipality of Sampués, which was about 8 or 9 kilometers from where the incidents took place. things,” Contreras told the media.

“That shouldn’t have happened. If they were caught as alleged murderers of the policeman in Sampués, they had to hand them over to the competent authority, but not torture them. We found my nephew naked, he did not have his clothes, he had grass, as if they were dragged and humiliated on a farm“, he claimed.

If they were caught as alleged murderers of the policeman in Sampués, they had to hand them over to the competent authority, but not torture them.

The Attorney General’s Office will be in charge of carrying out a survey of the scene, where the crossing of shots was allegedly recorded, to verify the trace of these, to which is added the opinion of Legal Medicine, determining factors to know what really happened that 25 of July.

Finally, General Jorge Luis Vargas, director of the National Police, when referring to the death of the men, assured: “In case of verifying the irregular action of any member of the National Police, the full weight of the law must be applied.”.

The officer pointed out that the General Inspectorate has been working on compiling the investigative material and that as of Thursday’s court, there were 42 pieces of evidence -25 testimonials and 17 documentaries-, which would be delivered to the authorities that require it.

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