Suarez returned from Canada enthusiastic about extracting potassium again and generating employment in Malargüe

80% of what this type of mining produces returns to the province in employment and salaries, in infrastructure, in projects for the metal-mechanic industries” calculated and projected several of the members of the Mendoza delegation that advised Suarez in Canada.

These numbers and the interest that they said they saw in several of the “world’s top ten” companies with which they met in Toronto to tell them details about Potasio Río Colorado, made Suarez come back outlining what some of those companies could dump in Malargüe if decided to become Mendoza’s investment partner.

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One of the many meetings of Governor Rodolfo Suarez with the local delegation in Toronto, Canada.

“What excites him most is speed up the process for that mine to produce again. Today the world looks at 3 minerals, lithium, copper and potassium, which is key to feeding a growing population and we have one of the largest mines in Latin America. That’s why If we achieve that partner, the intention is that the first investments will go directly to Malargüe and start producing. We as shareholders are not going to claim anything from these investments, we want it to produce because that means immediate job creation and royalties,” they admitted from the governor’s environment, almost as spokesmen for what Suarez projects.

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How political speculation affects investments

Several of the members of the Mendoza delegation were struck by the level of detail with which businessmen and investors follow the evolution of Argentine politics, and how they analyze the impact that it can have on their projects.

“Each firm we talked to had an international trade expert who He consulted us about the country’s economy and worried, for example, about the income of foreign currency into the countryIt had to explain what the stock market dollar means and all the types of dollars that are handled in Argentina“, told some of those who gave the technical explanations.

In addition to these economic speculations, the people of Mendoza also detected the doubts of some business leaders about the possible political party changes. “They asked about the possibility of a change of course at the national level, and at the same time, if we could ensure continuity of State policies, for example in the policies of the state company Potasio Río Colorado,” they explained.

The goal of obtaining gold respecting the law 7,722

An unexpected window that opened for Mendoza at the Canadian fair was to move forward with the exploitation of gold mines, without using toxic substances.this is strictly respecting the law 7,722.

In his last hours in Toronto, Suarez met with representatives of the Australian firm Clean Earth Technologies and agreed with them on a visit to Mendoza next August thinking of articulating this form of extraction with private firms that have gold extraction projects in the province.

“In that case, we would only act as interlocutors between that company and the private ones that have initiatives in Malargüe, which is where the social license is, and above all because that extraction could be done within the framework of 7,722,” they trusted from Government House .

The advancement also excited the Malargüinos, since the news arrived the same day that it was known that the South African miner Gold Fields bought the company Yamana Gold, owner of the exploitation in the gold deposit Don Sixto, located in that commune, very close to the border with La Pampa.

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