Strong cross between Flavio Azzaro and a famous streamer over a controversy over the Qatar 2022 World Cup: “It’s a fake”

the driver of HD Chronicle, Flavio Azzarojoined a strong controversy with the streamer martin di salvo on social networks and the reason is that it was an unusual defense that he made coscu of ChapuMartinez. The attacks suffered by the young influencer due to the defeat of Argentina in the World Cup Qatar 2022 sparked an unusual debate.

In this way, Azzaro crossed Di Salvo on Twitter, after the streamer expressed solidarity with Martínez for the threats he received.

Flavio Azzaro unleashed his fury on Coscu.

“This boy is a fake, he spends his time delusional to everyone”, pointed out the journalist, from his coverage of the World Cup Qatar 2022, in his account of the little bird’s social network. “The anti system is made and it is the new system”, he completed in the same post.

Furthermore, Azzaro did not stay with that accusation, but instead accused the streamer of being “a drag of the photo”. Then he assured that the support he expressed for Martínez is not true. He does it to look good with the Argentine players”, he described.

“Everyone spends his time delirious. And now to look good with the Argentine players, because he is dragged by the little photo and being invited to their homes, he plays the role of Being of light. He becomes the anti-system and It’s the new system”Azzaro wrote on Twitter.

Adding to his furious message, the journalist shared a screenshot of a quote from the streamer about Chapu: “I ask you to please stop. Get cheering and stop the free hate.”

The defense of Coscu by Chapu

Meanwhile, Coscu wrote: “I am nobody, but I know that I am coming… I ask you, please, to stop, because I am very shocked to see how they are destroying a colleague.”

Coscu's defense for the attacks suffered by Chapu Martínez.

Coscu’s defense for the attacks suffered by Chapu Martínez.

“Threatening the family of a kid who did nothing to them and who is clearly not to blame. Get cheering and stop the free hate.”the streamer pointed out about Martínez.

“Chapu’s father is 70 years old, he is not giving more because he fears for the health of his son. He has a little son [el Chapu] And, above all, put yourself in his place, who wanted to see a World Cup like anyone else and they are killing him everywhere. People think we lost because of him.”he continued.

Meanwhile, seeing the streamer’s sayings on social media, Fede Bal He also went out to the Coscu junction. From Instagram, the son of Carmen Barbieri highlighted the streamer’s attitudes in the past.

Really? I remember when you reacted to absolutely everything I did and you made me delirious, you took me down from events and you sent your army to throw hate at me. I like that you changed your ways! I celebrate it. I hope he is sincere and for everyone”, Bal recriminated him.

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