State Solidarity Loan Payment 2021: When should I repay it?

In the midst of the hard times that the country went through due to the pandemic of the coronavirusthe national government implemented a series of aids, among which the State Solidarity Loan 2021.

This benefit was designed to provide support to individual workers and entrepreneurs affected by the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19.

To date, there are several beneficiaries who have not yet made the return. This must be done soon.

When and how is the State Solidarity Loan 2021 repaid?

The return of State Solidarity Loan It must be carried out with four annual and successive installments, as stated. In addition, these fees cannot exceed 5 percent of annual income.

Those who requested the aid in the year 2021, have to start their return in the year 2023 with the first installment. Also, keep in mind that these fees are readjusted according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The first installment to be returned State Solidarity Loan 2021 corresponds to 10 percent of the requested amount. In addition, it cannot be greater than 5 percent of the income that was declared. While the other three correspond to 30 percent of the requested amount.

Where to make the return?

This refund can be made with the Income Operationin the month of April of each year. As usual, this procedure is done on the official website of the Internal Revenue Service (SII).

Also, you can check the amount pending payment on a platform that was enabled by the SII. To enter it, click on this linkthere you can make your query.

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