Speeches in support of women, which are not reflected in the budget, are empty words: Lía Limón

“The speeches in support of the women, when they are not specified with actions, they are empty words. Love that is not reflected in the budget is not love, “said the mayor Lia Lemon Garcia at the inauguration of the “Campanita” Children’s Stay.

Within the framework of Mother’s Day, the mayor reopened said stay in Alvaro Obregonwhere he reiterated: “This program helps them to work or continue studying.”

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«I want to tell the mothers who leave their children here, that they will be fine and that they are in good hands. I can look them in the face and look them in the eye to tell them that their children are in a good place. Betting on children is betting on the future of our country”, reaffirmed the mayor.

Accompanied by the Local Deputies Claudia Montes de Oca and Polimnia Romana Sierra, the mayor Lía Limón recognized the work of the teacher Coral Sánchez Ramírez, head of the “Campanita” Children’s Estancia.

To conclude, the mayor pointed out: “I am sure that we are going to ensure that 2,000 children are in Children’s Day Care Centers.”

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