Spectacular performance by Cuban singer Chanel Terrero for Spain in Eurovision

The Cuban Chanel Terrero sealed her passage through the Eurovision Song Contest this Saturday with an overwhelming and incredible performance, anchored in representative elements of Spanish culture.

The young woman, representing Spain, came on stage with a spectacular fan, a distinctive element of Spanish culture, and a beautiful bullfighter’s outfit inspired by that tradition.

His theme ‘SloMo’ was performed with energy and impeccable dancing that raised the audience of the Pala Alpitour in Turin, Italy, from their seats, which did not stop applauding the presentation.

Chanel has made the Spanish public dream of the long-awaited glass microphone that they haven’t held for a few years, thanks to this “brutal” performance, commented her followers on Twitter. “It’s about time to wear something winning,” added a netizen.

Immediately, the Spanish press stated that Terrero performed a “performance full of claw, empowerment and charisma”, characterized by a stage set dominated by dance break.

“The fan as one of the greatest cultural symbols of our country, the pyrotechnics, and the trumpets,” reinforced the powerful choreography, they said.

“Chanel just did her best performance. We have no words. Applauded throughout the performance. This is a dream. Spectacular. Incredible. So much pride,” she said on her Eurovision Spaces Twitter profile.

Chanel, singer, dancer and actress with vast experience in Spanish theater and television, came on stage dressed in a two-piece suit, bodysuit and bullfighter jacket, designed by Alejandro Gómez Palomo (Palomo Spain) and inspired by the traditional costume of Andalusian lights with more than 50,000 white and red Swarovski crystals.

At the end of his presentation, the Spanish representative of Eurovision 2022 She was moved to tears. “I’m crying but from the emotion, it’s been incredible,” she stressed.

The young woman was chosen last January to represent Spain in the contest. To choose its candidate for Eurovision, the Spanish contest uses a voting system distributed in half between a professional jury and the popular vote. The latter is shared equally between a demographic jury, made up of 350 people representing the Spanish population, and the so-called televote, (calls and SMS from viewers).

Chanel Terrero’s victory was made possible thanks to the professional jury, which awarded her the highest score (51 points).

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