Speak! Axel Caniggia responded with everything to his brother Alex after his words at El Hotel de los Famosos

Years ago Axel Caniggia defends a very low profile, far from family scandals, from the crossed accusations of his parents and without contact with his brothers, the twins Alexander Y charlotte.

Axel is a painter, lives in Europe and is in another, however, in the last few hours the hurtful description he dedicated to him reached his ears Alex in The Hotel of the Famouswhen telling his classmates how was the link with the artist who only seems to relate fluidly with his father.

“He sucks an entire egg, he doesn’t even have a phone, he’s two years older, he’s 30. You tell him, ‘come for Christmas, we’ll meet in a city’ and he says ‘No, you guys come’. Who’s going to go to Frankfurt, ‘then I’m not going’ he tells you”said the boyfriend of Melody Light.

In addition, he called Axel “bohemian mask”: “Are we going to eat there? ´No, that´s a shame…, let´s go here´. And he likes high places mask. It is a bohemian mask. You don’t know how he dresses himself… he orders himself to make the suits, with flowers, violet. Over there he nails you a red suit with black and white dragons. Another level.”

“He went to live there, to try, he said ‘I’m going to live for a year’. And there he is, the skull, six years ago…”clarified the blond, who also said that his older brother does not have an art gallery, but rather teaches and sells his paintings.

Outraged with all this information, Axel expressed himself through his Instagram stories. “I want to communicate that a few days ago in the program El Hotel de los Famosos false statements about me have been made “, it started.

“I have to clarify that I have never been or live in Frankfurt, as well as deny everything that has been said about me, since it is done exclusively with the sole purpose of dirtying and damaging my personal image”he indicated.

And Axel closed, without mentioning his brother and exposing the null relationship they have: “Regarding the person who makes these statements, I want to tell you that we have not seen each other for many years or have any kind of contact.”

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