Spanish strings arrive at the Royal Theater

The Cordoba Culture Agency through the Royal Theatrepresents “Invitation to a Sound Journey”, on Saturday 14 at 9:00 p.m. Carlos Giménez, Luis García Montero, director of the Cervantes Institute together with the Aguilar Quartet, will go up to the main hall, starring in this cantata for verse and lutes. A show of poetry and music.

This work offered to Falla was born when, already in Argentine exile, the lutenist Paco Aguilar He proposed to Alberti to write a literary-musical text that reflected the history of the lute from its origins to the 20th century, integrating a series of scores and transcriptions of the best Spanish and European music. On the occasion of the delivery of the legacy of Manuel de Falla in the Caja de las Letras, the concert took place Invitation to a sound journey. Cantata for verse and lutesperformed by the Aguilar Quartet in collaboration with Luis García Montero, director of the Cervantes Institute.

A little history

Encouraged by his father, Dr. Francis Aguilar, four of the six Aguilar, Paco, Ezequiel, Pepe and Elisa brothers born in Murcia created a Spanish lute quartet in 1923. They soon triumph throughout Europe and America. They perform in the best venues, record albums and give more than 200 concerts in a year.

The old Aguilar quartet had enormous popularity around the 1920s, which limited the Spanish civil war, going into exile.

With the illusion and desire to continue that truncated history, in 1986 it was refounded with the original instruments of the quartet and that they currently use in their concerts. The wide repertoire of these artists has led them to perform works by Turina, Strawinsky, Prieto, Ruiz and the famous “Invitation to the sound journey” by Paco Aguilar and Rafael Alberti.

The instruments used by Aguilar Quartet they have a peculiar characteristic, they have all been built by the same luthier. This objective was initiated by the Aguilar brothers, with the commission to Domingo Esteso of a bandurria, lute, laudon and laudete. The instrumental homogeneity, together with the use of nylon in the strings, has contributed significantly to obtaining a greater filling and unique sound.

Luis Garcia Montero, He is a poet and professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Granada. He also composed eleven collections of poems and several essay books. He received the Adonais Award in 1982 for The Foreign Garden, the Loewe Award in 1993 and the National Literature Award in 1994 for Separate Rooms. In 2003, with The intimacy of the snakewas deserving of the Critics’ National Award.

Tickets: $200. Available at and at the theater box office.

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