Spanish journalist Ana Hurtado calls Pablo Milanés a worm and a ruin

The Spanish journalist and faithful defender of the Cuban regime, Ana Hurtadocalled the singer-songwriter “worm and vile” Paul Milaneswho this Tuesday gave a concert at the Ciudad Deportiva from Havana.

“I think Pablo has been a worm since 1992, he has been a pretty mean person and so on,” he said in a Facebook direct in which he praised the regime for “allowing” Pablo’s concert.

“Here in Spain people say that in Cuba there is no freedom of expression, well look if there is freedom of expression that Cuba opened its doors to a worm so that it sings. Look what a dictatorship, that the biggest worm of all worms goes and he is given space to sing,” he added.

Ana Hurtado He questioned the criticism of the Ministry of Culture from those who did not agree that the troubadour should sing in Cuba.

The journalist said that “she understood the annoyance of the revolutionaries”, but that the regime could not be publicly criticized on social networks because it is “sacred”.

“I think openly criticizing the government [de Cuba] It is not done by social networks. I can criticize my Spanish government on social networks, my neighbor or whoever I think is committing an unfair act, but the socialist project is something bigger, it’s something sacred,” he said.

Hurtado stressed that social networks are not “the channel to criticize the socialist project.”

Already known for her defenses of the Cuban regime and her provocations on social media, Hurtado assured that “just as the ‘Patria and Visa’ did nothing at Pablo’s concert, they are not going to do anything on July 11, nor on the 12th nor on the 13 or 14… This has been a demonstration so that the worm knows that the street belongs to the revolution”.

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