Sounds Rolling Festival moves to the south: they will perform concerts in Concepción and Chillán (free)

After its version in Santiago, the itinerant festival route continues its fifth edition, which will be held in the southern zone of Chile with a free concert in Chillán and another in Concepción. Tickets for the show in the Bío Bío region are now available through Passline.

Sonidos Rodantes, a Chilean festival that seeks to bring the music of various artists to Chile, has announced its fifth edition in Chillán and Concepción. The national artists that will be presented are Perrosky, Jirafa Ardiendo, Los Ciervos and Casa Tomada in Concepción.

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After giving a fiery show at Espacio del Angel, in Santiago, Sonidos Rodantes moves this July 8 to Magnolia Bar, located in Chillán, and does so with three groups steeped in history: Perrosky, Jirafa Ardiendo and Los Ciervos.

Later, on July 9, the party moves to Concepción, specifically to the Black Flag Theater, where the Casa Tomada band joins the bill.

“It is exciting to return to the south, after two years, to resume the shows and return to deliver our rock and roll, show new songs and other classics, especially in the context of Sonidos Rodantes, which is a tremendous collective project that we are carrying out with other bands. friends”, explains Álvaro Gómez de Perrosky.

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“Leaving Santiago to play is one of the ideal states for our band, and what better way to do it than with Sonidos Rodantes and all the wonderful troupe that make it up”, adds Alejandro Pino from Jirafa Ardiendo, a band that will play for the first time in Chillán. Finally, Pedro Pablo Silva from Los Ciervos comments that for the group “it is a great honor to be able to travel together with tremendous groups and to be able to visit different cities in this collective format. We are very excited to deliver a great show.”

Tickets for the concert in Concepción are now available via pass linewhile for Chillán the entry is free.

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