Social commitment and legacy of Raymundo Gómez Flores stand out

Friends and family who attended the award ceremony “Rene Justin rival León”, to the businessman, Raymundo Gómez Flores, highlighted their social commitment and work culture.

The municipal president of Guadalajara, Pablo Lemus Navarro, recalled that from their first projects as “young entrepreneurs”, Gómez Flores was one of the people who most believed in their ideas. He underlined his level of commitment and concern for his family and collaborators. The mayor described the businessman as an example and said that he is a locomotive that advances to achieve what he wants, which has been the good of the State.

Salvador Cosio Gaonapresident of the Confio en México association, maintained that the recognition is more than deserved for a life and career full of effort and work.

Daniel Curiel Rodriguezformer president of the Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco, commented that as senator Gómez Flores promoted important changes in finance and housing issues, as a businessman he pointed out that he leaves to the State firm companies that have contributed to the generation of jobs.

For its part, Jose Palacios Jimenez He highlighted the social commitment of the honoree and that his companies have been the engine of the state economy; he considered that he is a leader who should be imitated due to his rigor with the work.

for the entrepreneur Salvador QuirarteIn addition to the success and achievements in the professional field, the human part of Gómez Flores should be highlighted, whom he described as an example for all generations that should imitate his tenacity and tireless spirit.

In the recognition they took the floor, Enrique Ibarra, Secretary General of the Government; Xavier Orendáin De Obeso, General Strategic Coordinator of the Economic Growth and Development Cabinet; also Juan Manuel Fernández de Castro, collaborator of more than 30 years; Mónica del Pilar Gómez Flores, sister; and Ararggo Gómez Sierra, son of Raymundo Gómez Flores.

“He leaves us a great business, social, family legacy, but above all friendship. He is a great businessman and example who taught us all to fight for what we believe in.” Pablo Lemus Navarro, municipal president of Guadalajara.

“The culture of effort is very important when working; as he says, there is no crisis that lasts more than 24 hours of work. Always see the positive side.” Salvador Cosío Gaona, president of Confio in Mexico.

“He is a committed businessman, with a great vision, who has managed to build a united family and an example for entrepreneurs in the country.” Daniel Curiel Rodríguez, businessman.

“He has no barriers and is a man committed to Mexico, with a social commitment in all his companies and has been the engine for the development of Jalisco and the country.” José Palacios Jiménez, businessman.

“A very important characteristic of Raymundo is his drive, the goal he sets for himself, he accomplishes it. He leaves a great legacy and is a world-class businessman.” Salvador Quirarte, businessman.


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