Smoke from the fire in Matanzas reaches the Cuban capital

Smoke from the fire at the Matanzas Supertanker Base reaches the Cuban capital, affecting air quality due to the expansion of toxic gases carried by the wind.

Cuban meteorologist Elier Pila calculated that the cloud of smoke (plume) could have an extension of up to 150 kilometers, and also extends beyond the capital.

“Visible image, where the plume of black smoke is observed that reaches Havana and continues west over the sea. At the point of origin, the formation of clouds generated by the heat of the fire in Matanzas is observed,” wrote the expert in your Twitter account.

Other users of social networks and official media shared images of the effects of the fire in Matanzas and the moment when a dark cloud crossed the sky.

“Secret Nature shares some images of the smoke from the explosion of the fuel tanks in the city of Matanzas at a time when they pass through Havana,” that audiovisual project wrote on its Facebook profile.

For its part, the Cubadebate site showed instantaneous paths early in the day in which the dark trail can be seen, coming from the city of Matanzas.

“Images of the smoke that reaches Havana from the East at this time,” he reported.

screenshot of Facebook

A Twitter user who goes by the name of Kbana, shared a video in which smoke can also be seen billowing through the Havana sky.

Given the lack of control of the fire in Matanzas, which forced the authorities to ask for international help and advicespecialists in Public Health recommended the use of masks to avoid breathing the toxic gases that are released after the burning of fuels.

The balance of official wounded amounted to 67, of which there are three critical, three very serious and 12 serious; as well as 17 missing persons. So far, the death of no Cuban has been made official, although the authorities do not rule out that possibility.

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