Sinister scam in Hidalgo: How was the alleged millionaire diversion for which four mayors were arrested?

PACHUCA, Hidalgo.- Four mayors of Hidalgo They were detained for their alleged participation in a scheme to divert resources that were originally intended to attend a health emergency by Covid-19.

Elias Sanjuan Sanchez (Yahualica)Luis Enrique Cadena Garcia (Nopala), Fidel Arce Santander (Epazoyucan) and Felipe Juárez Ramírez (Huautla) They were arrested in operations of the Police Investigation of the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJEH).

The detainees are accused of possible embezzlement of 14 million 215 thousand 780 pesos and 26 million 615 thousand 780 pesosrespectively.

Both cases occurred in Pachuca and are in charge of the PGJEH, which is investigating an alleged corruption network that it called the ‘Sinister scam’.

What is sinister scam?

The alleged corruption involves up to 13 town halls and two state secretariats for alleged diversion of 522 million 824 thousand 955 pesosin which they presume that two state secretariats participated, during the administration of Omar Fayad.

Governor Julio Menchaca Salazarfrom Morena, confirmed the legal proceedings, without mentioning names, but noted that “several people are involved” and assured that “will get to the bottom of the matter”.

According to information from the Process, the investigation broke out after an internal conflict between the municipal treasurer of Huautla and the mayor Felipe Juárez who accused a possible simulation of services and diversions.

How was the sinister scam in Hidalgo?

Santiago Nieto accused that the model used by the councilors was similar to what was generated in the government of Enrique Pena with the “Master scam”, “Operation sapphire” and “Black city”.

The treasurer denounced that the appeal was extraordinary and presumably did not reach the destination (public works and health actions), but which generated invoices to be transferred to companies known as “facade or invoices”.

They confirm that the modus operandi was, first, the requirement of extraordinary resources to the state government.

From there, there is a process of authorization from the Ministry of Financethen in charge of Jessica Blancas Hidalgo, and transfers were made through various banks.

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