Single earner model: What does a financial plan look like for both?

HHere is the third case in my tour of women’s and men’s private finances. It’s about a lawyer and a doctor who have three children and fell in love with a house that doesn’t come cheap. The object of desire costs about 1,800,000 euros including additional costs, and the question arises as to how the villa should be paid for. The lawyer is 42 years old and a partner in a large law firm. He earns around 600,000 euros a year. After deducting social security contributions and taxes, around 300,000 euros remain. The man’s fortune is 500,000 euros and consists of credit and securities.

The 40-year-old doctor has an account with 100,000 euros. She does not earn any money because she takes care of the children who are six, four and two years old. As things stand, there will be no change in unemployment over the next few years because the couple has opted for the classic division of labor: he earns the money, she takes care of the household, and both hope that things will hold up. What can I say, what do you think of this model?

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