Silvia Pinal’s doctor breaks the silence and reveals her current state of health

It was a couple of days ago when Doña Silvia Pinal surprised everyone by leaving the Little Hood play What’s up with your grandmother? her after presenting several health problems.

Given this, and after it was said that the children of the first actress were worried and aware of their mother’s health, Silvia Pinal’s doctor finally revealed what happened to the also presenter and what her recent condition was of health.

In an interview for the Ventaneando program, Dr. Eduardo de Jesús Haro said that the actress was already improving:

“It’s going quite well, it’s in good condition, it had a hydroelectric imbalance, but it’s on the way out, it’s due to a urinary tract infection, but it’s going much better,” the TV Notas portal also rescued.

Given the possible reasons for whether she is going to return to work in the play, the doctor replied that only she had the last word:

“In general, she is fine, what she had causes her pressure to fluctuate up and down, and also causes a bit of a confusional state, that’s why they saw her a little deteriorated, now she is evolving well.”

“These days she was talking very lucidly and in general we stick to what she decides, finally she is the one who has decided everything that is being done and we are only aware of her.”


When asked if the actress was in a good physical and mental position, the doctor confessed that “for the moment, yes.”

“For any person, feeling useful is basic in life, all people who are active always maintain a better mood, better mobility and Mrs. Pinal is no exception, and for her to stay in what she likes to do, in what loves, it is of vital importance for her to move forward and feel in her useful environment, as far as she decides with her life as normal as possible, “said Dr. Eduardo de Jesús Haro for the Paty Chapoy program.

It should be noted that at the moment it is not known if the beloved actress will return to her workday in the staging Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother?


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