Severe hepatitis: There are no cases in Salta and epidemiological surveillance remains on alert

In recent days, a new hepatitis virus has terrified Europe. For this Get informedSalta Francisco García, Head of Epidemiology of the Province of Salta, and Bernardo Biella, a health specialist, were contacted to provide information on the disease and how to prevent it.

Francisco García, sought to reassure the people of Salta by reporting that at the moment: “I have no records of children sick with hepatitis. Of unknown Hepatitis I do not have any suspected case”.

“We have installed the surveillance system that is the national alert, according to these indications. So far we have not reported any case, what we have is an alert like all services, but we do not have any case under study or suspicion”, he continued.

For his part, Bernardo Biella explained: “Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver. It can be produced by different causes, among these are viral hepatitis, which exist according to the letters A, B, C, D, E, F and G. All of these exist, the most common are A, B and C. The A is the one that all the boys catch for touching something and putting their hand to their mouth, it is endemic hepatitis. Hepatitis B and C are sexually and transfusionally transmitted.

“This new hepatitis that has appeared and affects boys from 3 to 16 years old, apparently is transmitted and enters through the mouth. We do not have it in Salta, it is a hepatitis that, although it enters like hepatitis A, acts like hepatitis B and C, it quickly produces a liver collapse that makes the liver stop working, ”he continued.

To conclude, he recommended, “the easiest way to prevent this hepatitis is hand washing. There are many hypotheses, one is that it would apparently be in the hair of dogs, but for now there are no certainties. What we do know is that if we wash our hands we don’t get infected”.

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