Sergio Mayer is “uncovered” for president in 2024 and compares himself to Schwarzenegger

MEXICO CITY.- Sergio Mayer is uncovered for President of Mexico in 2024.

The actor and former member of Garibaldi, Serge Mayercommented on his aspirations to become president of Mexico and assured that he is already decreeing it and also compared himself with the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Of course I visualize myself, I decree it, I think about it and I keep working for it and that the fact of being an actor does not minimize you, nor does it take away the possibility of doing things well“He indicated in an interview for Venga La Alegría.

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Sergio Mayer compares himself to Hollywood stars

In this sense, the former federal deputy stressed that if great stars of Hollywood have managed to be rulers in the United States and they have done well, their goals should not be minimized.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor of the most important state that was California and I have tried to demonstrate with facts that everything they have wanted to discredit me, to say, I have always verified that the truth assists me, “said the actor.

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