Sergio Fajardo campaigning in Cúcuta – Presidency – Elections 2022

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He was also accompanied on his bike ride by members of the Centro Esperanza coalition, such as Senator-elect Jairo Castellanos, Senator Antonio Sanguino, Councilman Eduard Barón, Councilman Jesús Sepulveda, and Jorge Maldonado, coordinator of Citizen Commitment in Cúcuta.

“In the middle of the ride I was thinking about several things. One, the pleasure of a lifetime riding a bicycle. My most distant memory is having 2 years riding a bicycle with wheels and to this day whenever I have ridden “I’ve been happy on a bike. I’ve fallen, I’ve broken my hip, I’ve scraped myself, but I’ve never been lazy. As in politics, this sport is about overcoming obstacles and always insisting,” Fajardo said at the end of his tour .

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Sergio Fajardo campaigning in Cúcuta.Sergio Fajardo campaigning in Cúcuta.

“We were in Villa del Rosario, a municipality in Norte de Santander that cries out for security, like many areas of the country. We will address this issue with a comprehensive approach. More intelligence and effectiveness of the Public Force, and more opportunities to get our young people out of illegality “, said the candidate, who made a statement from the emblematic Plaza de los Mártires.

“We talked with businessmen from the region, hit by the terrible binational policy of the national government. With Fajardo, the border will once again be thriving, working as a team with citizens and the entire productive sector,” Amaya said from the scene.

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