Sergio Berni, in Chronicle HD: "We don’t understand why all the fuss about a resignation"

After the dust raised by the defeat last Sunday in the PASO 2021, the Minister of Security of the province of Buenos Aires, Sergio Berni, spoke with Chronicle HD on the delicate political climate that exists in the Government, after what happened in the legislative elections.

Berni began by saying that “There is a way out and it is arguing, because politics is not a friend’s club and it is not done with manners, politics is transformation, politics is deterrence, politics is that, meanwhile, life goes on and our responsibility is to continue managing so that people’s problems can be resolved, problems that evidently until now, we have been slow to solve and we must put in place all the mechanisms that are within our reach, we are practically ending the pandemic and we must recover quickly the purchasing power of the dropped salary, the salary that fell by almost 20 percent after Macri (Mauricio) “.

The official added that “In the fall of wages for Macri it is ideological and for us, ideological is to increase wages as General Perón (Juan Domingo) said, while inflation goes up the ladder, the salary has to go up the elevator, and that is what we have done. delayed, we had a lot of difficulties for this year and a half that we have had to live with this pandemic, but this is no excuse for not being able to do it, so what we have to do now is put our effort, put our best men and women on the field and to be able to carry out the changes that society is waiting for “.

Consulted on the last sunday’s results, Berni argued that “The election was already, in my personal case, all I had to say I said, and I said it before the elections because we understood that we were going astray, that this was not the Peronist model that was going to get us out of this great crisis, which not only has Argentina but the whole world, but now is the time to unify criteria, unify minds, put the best men and women and make the necessary transformation to give the answers that the people need. “

A lot about alleged resignations and changes in the national Cabinet, but so far there is no news in this regard, in relation to this, the Buenos Aires minister argued that “It is not a responsibility that falls to us, that is a responsibility that the president has to define and he will do so with those men and women who feel comfortable in management.”

“We are where we need to be, we do not choose where to be. I am not one of the officials who choose where they want to be, I am one of the officials who commit, work and are in the place that those who lead believe is the best place”, Berni ended by saying.

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