Senators approved a law that seeks to protect the rights of mental health patients

The provincial senate discussed and approved during this Thursday’s session a Law that provides for the creation of the Review Body with the objective of protect human rights in Mental Health, within the scope of the General Counsel for the Incapacitated of the Public Ministry, in accordance with the principles and functions established in National Law 26,657. It passed to the Executive Power for its promulgation.

In this regard, the legislator Manuel Paillerexplained that the norm has the control and control of everything that has to do with the treatment, even in those cases of people who must be interned against their will, with the arrival of relatives.

“It is an organ interdisciplinaryeven with the participation of family members of mental health users and the oversight body is the one that will control all the activity, will be within the scope of the Ombudsman for the Disabled“, said.

In this regard, he indicated that one of the articles establishes that, progressively, the items must be increased up to 10% of the total health budget. “We see that in recent years it has been largely forgotten due to the critical situation that Mental Health is going through. And at the end of the year when the Budget is discussed, we are going to have to coordinate with the Minister and ask him to comply with this law and allocate the necessary funds,” he said.

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