Security will be reinforced in the southern zone

The Minister of Security and Justice, Abel Cornejo, together with Police Chief Miguel Ceballos, met yesterday afternoon with residents of the southern part of the city to address concerns about the security service in the southern zone. The aim is to strengthen police operations and residents were invited to participate in the Security and Justice Plan.

Residents of the neighborhoods of San Remo, Circulo I, II, III, Apolinario Saravia, San Nicolás, Parque La Vega, among others in the southern zone, requested a greater police presence in police station 15, the expansion of the video surveillance system, among others. Besides, commented on different situations of insecurity mostly crimes caused by motojets, home robberies, drug sales and problematic consumption.

Given the active listening to the situations raised, the Minister of Security and Justice pointed out that work is being done to provide greater police operability on the ground, seeking to strengthen operational and technological resources, greater patrolling and video surveillance. He placed special emphasis on the advanced steps for the acquisition of a helicopter for the Airborne Division that would materialize in the coming months.

He also informed them about the incorporation of more than 280 police officers to security work in the province and the execution of the Security and Justice Plan. In this sense, he urged the residents to actively participate in the joint work that is carried out with the different agencies to make the security service more efficient and respond to the specific demand of each sector.

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