Second round: Google and WhatsApp seek information transparency – Presidency – 2022 Elections

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WhatsApp, reference photo.

In that sense, Szerman explains the measures that the company has taken to “reduce the virality of potentially harmful content”:

  1. “One of the ways we seek to reduce the viral capacity of messages is by introducing limitations to the number of times messages can be forwarded. In 2019, the maximum forwarding was lowered from 20 to 5 messages at a time, […] we have implemented an additional restriction, if a user receives a previously forwarded message, they will only be able to send it once per group.
  2. “We use artificial intelligence and machine learning systems to detect abnormal behavior that violates our policies, such as automated messaging (spam) or automated account creation.”
  3. “We take user reports into high consideration before
    take action on an account. A significant number of complaints lead to account blocking.”

With these last two means, initiatives were developed for the verification of information as a chatbot and numbers to communicate with the message “Hello” at +57 322 331 1353 or contact without a specific message at +57 322 8523557.

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These are the changes in privacy that Google advances.

“We had a press conference with the media at the beginning of May, Introducing the Google Trends Site, which is Google’s search trends site for the 2022 presidential election and in recent weeks we have been sharing this information with some newsletters on search tendencies”, mentions Linda PatinoGoogle Communications Manager.

In this regard, this platform shows Colombians the most sought-after questions about presidential candidatesapplicants for vice presidencypercentages of trends of search and the questions more performed by the public than the electoral processamong other topics.

“From Google in Colombia we have a great commitment to continue fulfilling Google’s mission: organize the world’s information so that it is universally accessible and useful to all. That in times as important as the elections or in informational situations – in which we know that millions of people turn to our tools to get answers – is something important, “she concludes.

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