Scaloni: "We won’t change the way we play"

Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference ahead of the momentous match against Mexico. The man from Santa Fe was blunt regarding the game plan for the game against the Aztecs: “We are not going to change our way of playing because of what happened on Tuesday. We plan to play the same way. Today in the last training session we are going to define the interpreters”. About the starting eleven he slipped that “it is possible that there is some variation”something that has already been handled as information in recent days.

Regarding the rumors that Messi is suffering from an injury that makes it difficult for him to train, Scaloni ruled out that the Rosario star is out of order. “I don’t know where he came from that he didn’t train yesterday. He trained and trained well. On a physical and moral level it is finethere is no problem,” he released.

Asked about the expectations that exist in relation to this match, the Argentine coach lowered the decibels -as he usually does- and stated that what is being played is nothing more than “a football game” and that the team must play “with all the responsibility of knowing that an entire country is behind us hoping that things will go well for us but with the absolute peace of mind that whoever enters the field will leave every last drop of sweat”.

In this sense, he bankrolled his team and warned: “I would like, and I believe that it is so, that people have full confidence. Nothing can tarnish the path we have traveled.”

The VAR, without discussion

In the hours after the match against Arabia, a capture circulated in which Lautaro Martínez seems to be enabled in one of the annulled goals. “Little can be done in terms of VAR. We cannot take the issue of offside as an excuse or say that we did not win because of that,” Scaloni launched.

Lionel, the “kick”

“You have to be prepared to receive the blow because it was all joy, it was all rosy. In difficult moments is when we need everyone’s support. I am the first who was prepared for that“Revealed the coach, adding that” the strange thing is that we continue a streak of 30 more games because that doesn’t exist.

The coach dropped a message that reflects his confidence in his players: “I am calm that every game we are going to play we are going to give up our lives, we are going to play our football and then we can win or lose.”

And he left a phrase that drew attention due to his consideration for himself: “It’s what I was as a player, he was a kick if you want to call me that, but the best virtue he had was that he always went forward. That’s what I want of my players, and then whatever has to happen happens”.

November 25, a Maradona day

When asked for a reflection two years after the death of Diego Armando Maradona, Scaloni said that “it is a very sad day for the whole world.”

“We hope tomorrow to bring you joy if you are looking at us from heaven. It seems incredible, every time we remember or see images it seems incredible that it is no longer there,” he concluded.

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