Sara Uribe talks about the time her son shares with Guarín and his girlfriend

In the middle of a round of questions that she activated from her Instagram profile, the presenter and model from Antioquia Sarah Uribe He decided to open his heart to solve a constant question that his followers were asking him related to his son. James and the time he shares with his father, the soccer player Freddy Guarin and his current partner, the veterinarian Pauleth Pastrana.

Although it has been more complex for her to give herself a new opportunity in love after having her son, for the athlete it turned out to be a simpler process and he has been with the same woman for several months. This has made her not only become part of her family, but also the stepmother of her little one, with whom she shares every time she visits her father.

For many ex-partners, this situation is not easy to handle and the minors are the most affected by the measures they decide to take in the middle of discussions, therefore, Sara Uribe vented on the subject without any problem and even shared a heartfelt reflection from his experience. “How do you accept that your son is with his father and his girlfriend?” was the question that the model responded by ensuring that everything was a process.

“First you have to heal the heart and second you have to understand that children are not responsible for our actions. Children are children and they are not capable of making such decisions. Love is the fundamental basis of everything and the world needs more love”he said initially.

He then explained why he doesn’t see anything wrong with letting his son spend time with his father’s family: “If they are giving him love, they are taking care of him and he is happy, then you have to leave him and let love fill him from head to toe because that is what he is going to give to the world. After all, he is with his parents.” he added.

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Finally, he sent a message to parents who do not think the same and invited them to think about the consequences of their decisions for their children’s future. “That we are responsible for so that tomorrow they don’t have to come to judge us and ask: ‘Hey, why didn’t you let me share with my dad?’ or ‘Why did you take away my right to meet my mom?’ Batteries, do not fall into that mistake because you are nobody to decide for them, you have already made that mistake “, concluded.

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