Santiago Cafiero defended Alberto Fernández’s re-election attempt and targeted Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Back after the European tour in which he accompanied the president, Foreign Minister santiago cafiero spoke this Saturday about the possibility that Alberto Fernandez go for re-election in 2023. “I don’t know if Cristina Kirchner re-election irritates her, Alberto didn’t talk about it with her,” he said.

“The President installed him, but in the framework where subject to that he poses his lifelong militant vocation, of transforming Argentina, of continuing to put Argentina on its feet and also poses a lot of conditions,” he added. coffee in dialogue with radio Mitre.

Asked if you would like Alberto Fernandez ran for another term coffee assured: “Yes, clearly I would like to. I think we made a very big effort to recover from the pandemic and it was achieved. But we had two crises, the pandemic and the balance of payments that began in 2018, 2019, and recession in 2020. This double crisis requires a double recovery”.

coffee He added that the president did not speak with Cristina about the possibility of running for re-election. “Peronism is a collective construction, it is built from individual desires and wills and the construction is collective,” she assured.

“In any type of articulation, the collective is always thought of and is made up of individual wills, if nobody wants to be a candidate it is a problem,” he added. coffee and noted that with Cristina Kirchner “There is a very respectful relationship.”

On the internal of the Front of All, coffee He added: “We are a space that achieved unity in diversity and that allowed us to win the elections in 2019.”

“There are colleagues who do not agree with the speed that the economic program is having, some do not agree with almost anything, but they do agree on other things because we are part of the same space. What our space is discussing is not candidacies or personal issues, but what are the best mechanisms to generate more effective distributive tools”, the foreign minister completed.

“Having had the capacity for unity in diversity and having been effective in representing different demands is what allowed us to have a broader political front that defeated neoliberalism and the right in 2019. I appeal to the great political capacity of those who lead,” he added. coffee.

On the criticisms that fall on the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, coffee He indicated that “the president always defines who are the officials who accompany him and the work teams.”

“Today I don’t see any kind of change in the economic team, or management team, regardless of whether those adjustments are made by the president, he didn’t talk to me, they didn’t talk about that issue. He is satisfied with the growth that the economy is having, the generation of employment”, completed coffee.

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