San Martín lost and Belgrano and Instituto celebrate it

San Martín de Tucumán lost to San Telmo, 1 to 0, as a visitor, and could not approach Belgrano, leader of the First National, in one of the matches that are played this afternoon for date 28 of the main promotion tournament.

Forward Rodrigo González scored 9 minutes into the second half for the locals, who added their second consecutive victory in the championship (on the previous date they beat Tristán Suárez 2-0 as a visitor).

Despite the defeat, the third in the competition, San Martín remains in second place with 50 points, with Instituto de Córdoba and 6 with Belgrano, who will face Miter from Santiago del Estero tomorrow at 8 pm.

Then they complete the Saturday session: Gymnastics and Fencing (Mendoza) – Tristán Suárez, Villa Dálmine – Ferro, Riestra – Sacachispas, Estudiantes (Buenos Aires) – Guillermo Brown (Puerto Madryn) and Temperley – Nueva Chicago.

The date unfolds as follows:

= Friday: Morón 3 (Lucas Angelini, Gastón González and Damián Andín) – Almagro 0.

= Tomorrow: Deportivo Madryn – Alvarado (Mar del Plata and Flandria – Deportivo Maipú, 3 p.m.; All Boys – Agropecuario, 3:15 p.m. (TyC Sports); Santamarina – Atlético Rafaela, 16; Chaco For Ever – Defensores de Belgrano, 16: 30, Belgrano – Mitre, 20 (TyC Sports).

= Monday 8: Gymnastics (Jujuy) – Quilmes, 15; San Martin (San Juan) – Brown (Adrogué), 15:30; Güemes (Santiago del Estero) – Institute, 17:10 (TyC Sports); Atlanta – Chacarita, 9:10 p.m. (TyC Sports).

= Tuesday 9: Almirante Brown – Independiente Rivadavia (Mendoza), 9:10 p.m. (TyC Sports).

He has a free date Students, from Río Cuarto.

= Positions =

Belgrano, 56 points; Saint Martin (T) 51; Institute 50; Gymnastics (M) 46; All Boys 45; Almagro 43; Students (RC) 42; Defenders of Belgrano 41; Independent Rivadavia 39; Chaco For Ever, San Martin (SJ), Brown (A) and Students (BA) 38; Deportivo Madryn 36; Chacarita and Brown (PM) 35; Deportivo Maipu

and Riestra 34.

Güemes (SdE) and Ferro 33; Moron and Gymnastics (J) 32; Agricultural 31; Quilmes, Miter (SdE), Almirante Brown and San Telmo 30; Atlanta 29; Temperley and Alvarado 27; Atletico Rafaela 26; New Chicago 25; Flandria and Villa Dalmine 24; Tristan Suarez and Sacachipas 23; Santamarina 21.

3 points were deducted for incidents in the match for date 7 with Tristán Suárez.Source: Telam

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