"Salvio’s head is not for the weekend"Battaglia said.

Boca’s coach, Sebastián Battaglia, will not have striker Eduardo Salvio for next Sunday’s game against Lanús because “his head is not up for the weekend” after being denounced by his ex-partner due to injuries in the context of gender violence in the early hours of yesterday.

“We spoke with Toto and surely his head is not for the weekend, we were already aware of everything that happened yesterday. He is going through a difficult situation and we understand what he is experiencing,” said the DT in the conference of press.

“These are difficult situations, we must overcome them. The squad lived through the situation but we have to focus on what is coming and try to do our best against Lanús,” Battaglia confessed in front of the consultation of Telam.

Salvio, 31, did not attend Boca’s practice on Thursday except for the club to resolve his legal situation after assaulting Magalí Aravena by dragging her hanging from his car door after a discussion they had in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Puerto Madero, where the soccer player has his domicile.

“We will see how the situation continues. The people of the club are taking care of the matter, I have no more comments to make. I want to talk about football,” he detailed.

“It’s a sensitive moment for Salvio, he is resolving his issues. I can’t answer for the others, I’m just going to say that the directors are taking care of it,” continued Battaglia, who always responded briefly and carefully with words in the face of the large number of journalists present due to the situation.

The coach, questioned about the poor results and irregularity of the team in the last half of last year and at the beginning of this year, pointed out that they will have to put “their heads” in the two competitions: Cup of the Professional Football League (LPF ) and Copa Libertadores.

Boca will receive Lanús on Sunday at 7:00 p.m., in a key match for the tenth date of Zone B, in which it ranks fourth -last place for the playoffs- with 16 units.

“Now there will be three important games in the local championship and they will be decisive to see if we get the classification. The Libertadores group is even as we expected, luckily we were able to win at home,” he analyzed.

“The idea is always to have a team made up, without too many changes, but we know that there are many games and they are consecutive. At the same time, we have players suspended in the Copa Libertadores and who can play in the championship, so the situation is special.” described.

Battaglia had a complicated week due to the injury of Nicolás Figal in the background and that of goalkeeper Agustín Rossi in the match against Always Ready from Bolivia, which leads him to not being able to “repeat the names” as he wishes every weekend.

“Injuries are situations that occur in games, they have nothing to do with physical preparation. They are the risks that we run in the face of the demands of the games, we go through many situations due to ligament injuries or in the ankle area,” argued the coach.

Eduardo Salvio showed up today at Boca’s practice

Those who suffered muscle injuries in recent times were Óscar Romero, Guillermo ‘Pol’ Fernández, Darío Benedetto, Carlos Zambrano and in the case of Rossi the argument from the club was “the sand of the field”.

“We live in a special situation due to suspensions. Logically, I like to give filming and continuity to some, but at the same time that forces me to have others stop for several days. It is difficult for us to repeat the same names for different reasons,” he repeated.

The names on the coach’s head are as follows: Javier García; Luis Advíncula, Gastón Ávila, Marcos Rojo and Frank Fabra; Cristian Medina, Guillermo Fernández and Juan Ramírez; Oscar Romero; Sebastian Villa and Dario Benedetto.

That is why Esteban Rolón’s test in the central defense was that because he wanted to see how he “adapted” to the situation in which he sometimes played during his time with Argentinos Juniors during the 2014 First National when he got promotion.

On the other hand, Battaglia recounted how the dialogue with Carlos Bianchi, the most successful coach in the history of Boca, who publicly supported him at an event, was.

“I thanked Carlos (Bianchi) for his words of support. The Copa Libertadores is long, we have to go game by game and we are in an area with complicated rivals. Luckily we took a step to match everything at home”, he highlighted in closing of the conference.

Boca will train for the last time tomorrow at its Ezeiza property and then will meet at a hotel in the Monserrat neighborhood to focus on Sunday’s game against Lanús at La Bombonera. (Telam)

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