Salta teacher affirms that he was hypnotized by a UFO in Cafayate

A philosophy professor from Salta, Carlos Paz Morales, claimed to have seen a UFO on the way to Cafayate and said he was able to take a picture of it. The man told local media that the meeting left him completely “shocked and nervous.”

The man was returning from teaching at the former Normal School of Cafayate. It was around 4 o’clock when he suddenly saw “a light” that shined on him from behind the truck. “I thought it was a car, but when I looked in the mirrors there was absolutely nothing,” the teacher told the newspaper El Tribuno.

Instantly, Morales parked his truck at the height of “El Sapo” and observed a luminous object.

“I got off. Although there was an amazing full moon, I think it was the one they call strawberry, the road was dark. I could only glimpse a strange object in a gap between the hills, it was there in front of me, not far away”, detailed the philosopher.

“I came to think that it could be one of those lights that they put on the tips of the antennas, but it couldn’t be because it was white and quite large.”

How was the “UFO” that the teacher from Salta saw
According to Morales’ description, the luminous object “had an elongated shape and moved from left to right, zigzagging, threatening.”

“I told myself, I’m not leaving here no matter what happens. If he has to take me, let him take me. And without taking my eyes off the sky, because I was hypnotized, I took out my cell phone, put the camera on and took some pictures. We were alone, that strange object, me and the desert, plunged into deep darkness and overwhelming silence, ”he assured.

The man said that the contact with the UFO lasted about five minutes until “in a thousandth of a second, like a ray of light, the object vanished.”

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