Salta police arrested in Jujuy with more than 2 kilos of cocaine

This is an officer, who was returning from Oran to Salta, when he was detained at a National Gendarmerie checkpoint on Route 34, in the Jujuy town of Yuto. “I’m a colleague, let me in,” he claimed to avoid the search.

A young member of the Salta Police, with the rank of officer, was arrested yesterday by personnel from the San Pedro Squad of the National Gendarmerie. It was during a routine control installed on route 34at kilometer 1,287, in the Jujuy town of Yuyo.

According to the procedure report, the detained officer would be Cristián Maximiliano Ponce. The policeman was carrying three “bricks” of cocaine under the back seat of a Fiat Cronos car, the one that arrived at the checkpoint from the city of Oran.

According to information accessed informSalta, at the height of Río Piedras, and as is routine, the gendarmes told him to stop and asked him to lower the window of the vehicle, circumstances in which he spontaneously maintained that he was a member of the Salta Police, with which which he believed that it was enough to have free passage.

None of that happened, because the uniformed men in green continued with the search like any other vehicle. After asking for the car’s papers, they asked the policeman to open the hood of the vehicle, since they needed to verify the serial number of the car.

The policeman, for his part, remained in the position of avoiding the search. And, for that, indicated that he was returning from the city of Oran and was heading to Salta, since he had been informed that his mother was in poor health. Said argument was of no use, since the gendarmes remained firm in carrying out the search.

“I’m a colleague, let me pass,” the officer insisted again, in a last attempt to avoid the control, persistence that only increased the suspicions of his comrades in green, who they got tired of the driver’s evasiveness and, without further ado, asked him to get out of the car.

The policeman, knowing that there was no longer any escape, refused to get out of the car, forcing the gendarmes to report the situation to the Jujuy Fiscal Unit, from the prosecutor on duty he ordered him to take the precautions of obtaining a witness. , and then proceed with the procedure.

It was so, suddenly, a guide gendarme joined the scene with “Bailey”, an anti-narcotics dog, who immediately began his task, with his hands on the wheel, and with a look of terror on his facethe policeman followed every movement of the gendarmes.

The protagonism, on the other hand, was won by the police dog, who sniffed around the vehicle and finally sat down at the rear door of the vehicle, this being a sign that he had found drugs in that sector of the car.

When opening the rear door, the worst suspicion was confirmed, because when he put his hand under the seats, the gendarmes found the packages with the drug, which was seized. Likewise, and from the examination of the car, a sum of 1,321,000 pesos, one thousand two hundred and twenty Bolivian pesos, another thousand Chilean pesos and 100 dollars were also seized.

As for the drug, it was reported that the packages were rectangular and wrapped with adhesive tape. The officer, meanwhile, was detained and waiting to be submitted to the respective indictment hearing, meanwhile, progress is being made with another section of the investigation aimed at finding out how the drug arrived in Salta.

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